HR Professional with Common sense

Employee care is not only connected with excellent Remuneration and a wide range of Benefits. Employees are not leaving Companies because of that. Usually they are leaving because proper care is missing.

For me, Care means - respect, trust, help in need, positive relationships among colleagues, clean & neat offices, not too much politics, simple rules and processes, a clear structure, home office for example. And it usually does not cost too much.


If you would like to increase the Value of your Company, you would like to go public or find a strategic partner/investor there is the need to have basic Processes in place & your Brand or Company will move into next Level of Success. It means higher income, more satisfied clients, well-known Brand and happy Owner & Employees!

I am more than happy to help you to become a professional Employer! 

I am looking forward to talking to you soon! And BTW I very much like Bikram Yoga!


Dagmar Matejkova

Language skills
  • Czech, native (C2)

  • English, fluent (C1), BEC Higher Cambridge Certificate

  • German, fluent, (C1)

  • Master Degree, Economics, Corporate Finance

  • Since 2001 HR Manager, Head of HR, HR Director in Global/International Companies with 250 - 22.000 FTE's

Hot yoga, taking photograps, some of my pictures, see below, cooking my web page

Hot yoga, taking photograps, some of my pictures, see below, cooking my web page


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