HR Consulting is based on the needs and requests of my clients. It can be done onsite, online per Phone/Skype or on 

a regular weekly or monthly schedule.


HR Consulting covers the following topics :

  • HR Processes or Strategy Development,

  • Hiring (Attraction, JD, Selection of the best fitting Candidate),

  • Learning & Development, Performance Management, Talent Management,

  • Remuneration Strategy incl. Salary reviews or benchmarks, Benefits Selection,

  • Employees Relocation (Expats),

  • Labour code, Redundancy, Competitive Clause, Disciplinary proceedings, Fraud

  • Happiness at work, Work & Live Balance,  

  • Labour Union strategies

  • Czech labour market (current situation, mandatory requirements & charges, authorities) 

The HR Audit is conducted based on existing HR Processes and the ways of working in the company. It covers the Employees Circle from Attraction phase till Exit of the Employee.

The Audit report is divided into 3 main areas - Well done, - Focus on and - Potential Threat. The Audit report also includes proposals for Improvements and the related cost estimates.

Audit report sample, please click HERE.

Audit presentation sample, please click HERE.